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Mini Excavators –Don’t let the size fool you!

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Update time : 2021-06-08 17:04:19

Mini Excavators – Don’t let the size fool you!

Mini excavators also known as compact excavators, are defined by being small hydraulic excavators that are primarily valued for their ability to manoeuvre and function within tight or narrow areas where larger excavators can’t. With time, mini excavators have become very popular in the construction industry, housing and infrastructure sectors. They are very practical with their high performance, reliability and excellent business value. Mini excavators are typically used for small to medium sized projects, but are also able to support bigger projects alongside full-sized machinery.
Even though mini excavators are smaller and more compact, they can in fact with their functions and capabilities often keep up with bigger machinery and still manage to provide a good punch. They also have some unique advantages such as:
Being easy to operate: If you have used standard excavators before, then operating a mini excavator is a walk in the park.
Easier access onsite: Compared to full-size excavators, mini excavators can easily manoeuvre into tight areas and operate with ease.
Less damage: With the use of mini excavators, you’re less likely to damage surfaces and structures that are worked on and there’s little need to tear down surroundings to accommodate the excavator.
Transportability: Transporting mini excavators from one place to another can easily be done by the use of a trailer or a pickup bed, which makes the transport less of a hassle and eliminates the expensive logistics of moving larger excavators.
Functionality: It’s a common misconception that mini excavators carry less power compared to their full-sized counterpart, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, mini excavators function similar to larger models, using hydraulic power and mechanical advantage to get the job done and still maintaining that 360° arc.
Less noise: Mini excavators operate more quietly than larger ones, which allows for more flexibility when considering business hours and noise disturbance around homes in the neighbourhood.
Work more efficiently: Mini excavators due to their size require more efficient and smaller power sources and systems to still meet demand output. For this reason, they are usually more economical and use less fuel, making them cheaper to run and better for the environment by having a smaller carbon footprint than bigger excavators.
To put it simply, mini excavators are an excellent investment for those difficult jobs that need big output but small means.
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- DIG-DOG is a family brand of BONOVO -
Its story dates back to the 1980s when it was a well-known brand for excavator attachments. With years of hard work and industry experience accumulation, DIG-DOG has become a respectable brand for small earthmoving machines. We believe that "A Dog is actually more competent at digging than a Cat.  Our mission is to make DIG-DOG a reliable brand of small diggers who work efficiently in your yard and our slogan is: "DIG-DOG, Dig Your Dream Land!" Our team is fully capable to supply you all kinds of mini excavator and its relevant attachments. Please kindly talk to our sales for quick quotation or contact [email protected] 

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