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Super mini,Super mighty: DIG DOG Mini excavators

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Author : Mollie
Update time : 2022-07-01 08:54:49

DIG DOG mini excavator, one Machine, countless attachments, endless possibilities.


Obviously during the COVID-19 pandemic were spending a lot more time at home. This has led people to adopt new hobbies, everything from reading and baking (Ive seen so much sourdough bread on my Facebook feed) to woodworking and home improvement (because if youre stuck at home, you might as well as fix it up). With a surge in home renovations particularly outdoor projects super small 1- to 2-metric-ton excavators have become even more popular.


These mini machines are the perfect fit for DIYers who may be novice operators needing to swap the manual labor of a shovel and wheelbarrow for a faster, less back-breaking alternative. First, theyre simple to transport and fit into yards thanks to their small size.


These machines are easily transported and can be loaded on a trailer and hauled behind a full-sized pick-up truck making them ideal for home owners.  Their compact dimensions enable them to pass through standard doorways, gates, and other areas with very limited access.


The retractable undercarriage and blade with removeable end bits are ideal because they allow the operator to get into very confined areas, and once in position and ready to work they can be extended to provide greater stability.

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