Why do amphibious excavator greases need to be maintained

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After the amphibious excavator is purchased, if it is not used properly, or if no attention is paid to maintenance, the service life of the amphibious excavator will be greatly shortened. For the implementation of routine maintenance is to reduce machine failure, extend the service life of the machine; shorten the machine downtime, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Therefore, it is important to focus on the maintenance of amphibious excavators. Why is it necessary to carry out maintenance on the grease?


2This is because the use of grease reduces the wear of moving surfaces and prevents noise. The grease must not be mixed with dust, sand, water and other impurities when stored for safekeeping, using grease with good anti-wear properties.


3For heavy working conditions; when refilling, try to squeeze out all the old oil and wipe it clean to prevent sand sticking to it. So it is important to maintain the equipment regularly.

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