DIG DOG mini skid steer loader DSL30C stand on skid steer with tracks Crawler Loader

Item No.: DSL-30C
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Product introduction for the Mini Track Skid Steer Loader 
DIG-DOG Mini Track Skid Steer Loader is a multi-functional construction engineering equipment, its fuselage is small, easy to control, can be easy and quickly attached to a variety of different functions to achieve a variety of work, widely used in gardens, manufacturing, construction sites, recycling, gardens, roads, construction, farms and other industrial fields. 
 Product features of a Mini Track Skid Steer Loader 
1.DIG-DOG Mini Track Skid Steer Loader is easy to operate The handle handle the walking, lifting and somersault movements; Plunger pump motor, smooth; Four-wheel drive, adapted to various environments; Various forms of foot pedal, so that the operation is more safe and convenient; Servo and standard two modes of operation.
2.DIG-DOG Mini Skid Steer Loader is easy to maintain The oil square oil outlet is outside the car body, convenient replacement of air filter, oil, machine filter, spark plug; The rear guard plate is easy to take down, and the upper cover can be opened. 
3.DIG-DOG Mini Track Skid Steer Loader can be configured with a variety of accessories, and the accessories are interchangeable, there are about 40 kinds, unified hanger fast change fast connection.
4.the international famous brand of the engine, stable and reliable, quality warranty. 
5.DIG-DOG Mini Skid Steer Loader for a variety of tires and track modes for selection, stronger adaptability. 
6.DIG-DOG Mini Skid Steer Loader  is narrower, only 800mm wide. Can pass through the strip, and has large fuel tanks and lifts. 
7.DIG-DOG Mini Track  Skid Steer Loader  can do a large degree of simplified manual work, improve efficiency. 
8.compared with similar products, with a higher lifting height.
Product parameters

Mini Skid Steer Loader Main Specification



Operating weight


Max lifting Force(kg)


Bucket capacity

0.15 m3

Max lifting power

375 Kg



Rated power


Rotating speedrpm




Hydraulic pressureMpa


Max working heightA

2355 mm

Max pin height B

2122 mm

Max dump heightC

1976 mm

The highest point discharge distanceD

528 mm

Bucket swing angleβ


Bucket unloading angleγ


Opening-closing angleθ


Angle of departureα


Total height H

1514 mm

The height from the groundF

230 mm

Wheelbase G

1000 mm

No bucket lengthJ

230 mm

Total width W


Bucket width K


Total lengthL)(with bucket

2438 mm

Turning radius (R)

1507 mm

Product photos
Q: What are the advantages of your brand?
A: We manufacture our products locally. We use high quality materials & parts sourced from the very best in China.Our design team works closely with customers for any customized orders.
Q: How do l choose the right Skid Steer Loader?
A: *Consider What Size Skid Steer Will Get the Job Done Efficiently. 
*Think About Your Job Surface. 
*Assess the Lift. 
*Look at the Controls.
*Assess Other Functional Features. 
*Think About Your Skid Steer Attachments.
Q: Can you supply Skid Steer Loader attachments?
A: Of course, DIG-DOG can provide you with fully functional excavation attachments for your Skid Steer Loader.
Q: Which payment terms do you accept?
A: We can work on T/T bank transfer and 100% irrevocable L/C.
Q: what about the warranty time?
A:  12 months after shipment or 2000 working hours.
Q: What about the delivery time?
A: 20-45 days after receiving the deposit. 


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