Mini Excavator

DG15 1.5 Ton Mini Excavator

Item No.: DG15
DG17 1.5 ton mini excavator towable backhoe small mini excavatorfor garden farm construction use.

DG15-2 mini Excavator with Tailless small wing structure and boom-side-shift option, which can be used for narrow-space operation tailless rotation, retractable chassis,deflective boom, first-class configuration, load sensitive system, changeable rubbertrack,environmental protection standard.

This product with beautiful appearance, high configuration,superior perfomance,low fuel consumption,wide operating range. It issuitable for loosing soil of vegetable greenhouse,campus greening of municipal departments. digging the hole for tree planting of.Fuit-land Nurseries. concrete pavement crushing,sand-gravel material mixing, construction work in the narrow place and so on.