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How do you select the suitable excavator?

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Update time : 2021-06-08 17:17:32
Excavators is becoming the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. While choosing the right equipment for a digging project can be a time-consuming task, especially since it’s so important to make the right choice. Even once you’ve decided on using an excavator, you still need to make sure you choose the right size. Pick one that’s too small or doesn’t have the right functionality and you won’t be able to get the job done properly. Choose one that’s too large and not only may it be the wrong fit for the job, but it could also push you over budget. So how do you decide what excavator size is right for you?
There are many different types of excavator, but they all fall into four main size categories: mini, midi, standard, and large. In order to pick the right excavator size, you need to know what your options are.
1. Project Scale
Excavators can be divided into three categories according to size and capacity: large, medium, small and mini. The main and most obvious difference between a regular excavator and a mini excavator is the power and depth of digging they reach. However, the compact size of a mini excavator makes it a much more manoeuvrable vehicle, which increases your productivity in a small workspace. Being a compact machine, its main benefit is that it shows great performance in narrow areas or work sites with limited spaces. Its disadvantage is that it’s not the right vehicle to travel long distances.
  1. Mini excavator ranges from 0.8ton upto 5 tons, Mini excavators are great for indoor projects, sewer repairs, water line installations, and other projects that don’t require the size and power of a larger machine.
  1. Small excavator is referred to the capacity below 15 tons, with 5 to 8 tons as mainstream models. Small excavators are mainly used for municipal, trenching, plant construction, gardening and other working conditions that require meticulous operation.
  1. Medium excavator is referred to the capacity from 15 to 45 tons, and 20 to 25 tons are the mainstream models, which are also the most widely used of all models. Midi or mid-sized excavators are a good choice for those who work in small spaces but need more reach and power than a mini excavator can provide. Midis can also be used on more standard projects like building construction and landscaping while still providing the advantage of increased maneuverability thanks to their smaller size.
  1. Larger excavator is referred to the capacity above 45 tons. Choose the model according to bucket capacity requirements, the larger the tonnage, the larger the bucket. Generally used in large earthwork and open-pit mining conditions.
2. Purpose of buying an excavator
There are many friends who want to enter the engineering field to start a business, and the excavator has become a basic tool. For these friends, the excavator is a tool for making money. Such demand should be analyzed from two aspects:
1) Have experience and projects. If you have been in contact with this industry before and have ready-made engineering construction needs, then it is very easy to choose, just buy a model that matches the engineering scale
2) Without experience, just want to start a business. The market for large excavators and small excavators is quite completed, and the number of these models on the market is also quite large. The investment amount is large, with hundreds of thousands of millions at every turn. The competitiveness is fierce and there is no industry foundation, so I suggest starting a business with small excavators. Small pressure, easy to find a project, high income, quick payback.
3. Current fund situation
Many friends want to buy a satisfactory model of excavator in one step when consulting on how to buy an excavator. However, the existing funds are insufficient, the project is unstable, and the ability to make up funds in the later period is poor. This situation can only be followed. Perhaps the 85T model is the most suitable, but it might be better to buy a 75T to make money first. The excavator of adjacent models are generally not different too much, so if the funds are limited, you can consider the neighboring models of smaller models.
4. Choice of wheel excavator and crawler excavator
The main advantage of the wheel excavator is that it runs fast, does not require a trailer, low price, and does not damage the road. The disadvantage is poor stability and poor environmental adaptability. It is generally suitable for use in a flat and simple environment. It is not recommended to use in mountain and slope environments.
The main advantages of crawler excavators are strong stability and strong environmental adaptability. The disadvantage is that they require trailers, are slightly more expensive, and cause serious damage to the road. Just set it directly according to your own construction environment.

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Its story dates back to the 1980s when it was a well-known brand for excavator attachments. With years of hard work and industry experience accumulation, DIG-DOG has become a respectable brand for small earthmoving machines. We believe that "A Dog is actually more competent at digging than a Cat.  Our mission is to make DIG-DOG a reliable brand of small diggers who work efficiently in your yard and our slogan is: "DIG-DOG, Dig Your Dream Land!" Our team is fully capable to supply you all kinds of mini excavator and its relevant attachments. Please kindly talk to our sales for quick quotation or contact [email protected] 

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