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Package project be tailored for special products transport- Bonovo amphibious excavator

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Update time : 2021-11-25 09:36:57
Product configuration:
30-ton upper excavator
11m long main pontoon
8.5m side pontoons and 8m piles.
The displacement of the suction pump is 500 cubic meters per hour.
500m HDPE pipe
150 floats
30m hose
Main construction environment:
Swamp river dredging, marine engineering, wetland excavation, reservoir operation.

In order to save the customer's installation cost, we filmed the disassembly video for the customer after the test in the factory and marked it with a different number at each node, which is convenient for the customer to find and assemble. It saves the customer's installation concerns and time.

In the face of the current high shipping costs, the customer's transportation costs have greatly increased, what we can do is to maximize the use of every bit of the container's space, so as to save the customer's transportation costs.

We provide a long warranty, 12 months for wearing parts.
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