DIG-DOG China factory BWM-50P High quality Line Boring And Welding Machine

Item No.: BWM-50P
Portable Boring Machine is a Kind of Portable Processing Equipment Mainly Developed for On-site Maintenance of Construction Machinery. It is Mainly used for the Processing of Small Pipe Inner Holes and Concentric Spacing Holes.
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Portable Boring and Welding Machine
DIG-DOG Portable Boring and Welding Machine is a high-end equipment that integrates various function modes of welding hole, boring hole and end face processing at present, realizing the processing of cylinder hole in idle narrow position of engineering machinery, and further improving the processing capacity of the equipment. The original hole welding, boring processing functions need welding, boring two sets of equipment to complete, the new equipment integrated the two functions, only after the completion of the hole welding process reassembly can realize the boring function.

Machine the Revolving Holes, Articulated Holes, Shaft Pin Holes on Various Engineering Machinery Structures after Repair Welding, or Installing Hole Sleeves after Reaming. Repair and Processing Concentric Holes, One-time Positioning Processing of the Porous on Excavators, Loaders, Presses, Cranes, etc. to Ensure the Coaxiality of the Porous.
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What size of line boring machine should I choose?
There are many different sized line boring machines available.   No single machine can cover all of the above diameters accurately, so you’ll need to consider the type of jobs you will be carrying out.

What boring bar length should I specify?
There are many different bar lengths available, it is mostly depend on your job need.    One thing to remark: for small diameter boring bar, the longer the bar is, the bigger the risk of sagging is.

What are the lead times for line boring machine?
This varies depending upon size of machine and stock availability.  With line boring machines it pays to think ahead as it can be several weeks from receipt of payment before your machine arrives.       This is because each machine package is made to order from the many options available.

Can DIG-DOG supply a machine in my area?
Yes, Our portable boring machine export world-widely.

What maintenance is needed?
If looked after correctly, the line boring machine will provide years of trouble free use, delivering accurate and consistent results every time.       Simple cleaning, debris removal and oiling is mostly all that is needed.

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