DIG-DOG DFL50 Diesel Forklift Truck 5 Ton

Item No.: DFL50
    Rated load: 5 ton
    Lift Height: 3-6 m
    Machine Weight: 6.2 ton
    Upgradeable Configuration
    Support Custom Attachments
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DIG-DOG DFL50 Diesel Forklift Truck 5 ton

DFL50 Overview

DIG-DOG's DFL50 forklift is a robust and versatile lift machine, offering superior performance and reliability. Available as both a sit down forklift and an all terrain forklift, it is designed to handle a wide range of material handling tasks efficiently.
Boasting a powerful 45kw engine, the DFL50 has a rated load capacity of 5000kg, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. With a minimum turning radius of 2680mm and a wheelbase of 1960mm, it offers excellent maneuverability in tight spaces. Its maximum speed at full load is 26km/h, ensuring quick and efficient transport of goods.
The DFL50 also features a ground clearance of 145mm, front tires of 300-15, and rear tires of 700-15, providing stability and durability even in tough terrains. The mast has a tilt angle of 6/12 degrees, allowing for precise and safe loading and unloading operations. The forks, with a length of 1220mm, can handle a wide range of cargo sizes.
Measuring 3.191.482.27m, the DFL50 is compact yet powerful, making it a great choice for warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings. As a leading manufacturer of forklifts, DIG-DOG ensures that the DFL50 meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you're looking for a sit down forklift or an all terrain forklift, the DFL50 is a great option for your material handling needs.

DFL50 Advantage

Hydraulic Lift
Reinforced And Thickened Door Frame
Customizable Height
Side Shift Can Be Added

Sit-Down Forklift | All Terrain Forklift | Lift Machine
Sit-Down Forklift | All Terrain Forklift | Lift Machine
Sit-Down Forklift | All Terrain Forklift | Lift MachinePacking & Shipping
Sit-Down Forklift | All Terrain Forklift | Lift Machine


DIG-DOG DFL50 Diesel Forklift Trucks

Models DFL50
Special type Power form unit diesel
Specified load kg 5000
Load center mm 500
Lift height mm 3000
Free height gain mm \
Fork size Long×Width×Thick mm 1070×150×45
Mast inclination angle Before/After Deg 6/12
Minimum turning radius mm 2680
Minimum right angle channel width mm 2450
minimum ground clearance mm 135
Overhead guard height mm 2210
Front overhang mm 495
Performance Max driving speed Fully loaded/No load km/h 22
Max lifting speed Fully loaded/No load mm/s 330
Largest traction Fully loaded/No load KN 18.5
Maximum grade % 20
Size Full length With fork mm
without fork mm 2975
Full width mm 1225
Max lifting height of fork (with shelf) mm 4250
Door frame floor height mm 2185
Chassis tire Front wheel 300-15-20PR
Rear wheel 700-12-12PR
Wheelbase mm 1960
Wheelbase Front wheel/rear wheel mm 1000/970
Self-respect No load Kg 5500
Drive Battery Voltage/Capacity V/Ah 12/80
Engine model Xinchai 498
Rated power kw/rpm 36.8/2500
Rated torque Nm/rpm 186/1700-1900
Bore size mm 98×105
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement L 3.17
Fuel tank capacity L 70
Transmission gear (front/rear) Mechanical transmission 2/2
Work pressure MPa 18
DIG-DOG forklifts, including both sit down forklifts and all terrain forklifts, are essential lifting transportation machinery, ideal for loading, unloading, and handling packaged goods in various settings such as factories, warehouses, stations, docks, and ports. However, their versatility extends beyond these applications. As a leading manufacturer of lift machines, DIG-DOG offers a comprehensive range of attachments that transform these forklifts into multi-functional machines capable of handling bulk goods and other non-packed items.
Our attachments, such as Rotating Roll Clamps, Bale Clamps, and Load Pushers, are designed to enhance the capabilities of both sit down and all terrain forklifts. The Hinged Bucket attachment, for instance, is perfect for scooping and lifting loose materials, making it an indispensable tool in any warehouse or industrial setting.
Moreover, with attachments like the High-visibility Two-Stage Free Lift Mast, DIG-DOG forklifts become even more efficient and safe to operate. Fork Positioners and Widen-Fork Carriages allow for precise and flexible fork positioning, while Lengthen Forks and Extensions provide extra reach, making it easier to handle goods in tight spaces.
As a trusted manufacturer, we understand the importance of customization. That's why we offer a wide range of attachments, including Carton Clamps, Hinged Forks/Hinged Buckets, Paper Roll Clamps, and Block Clamps, to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether you need to handle cartons, paper rolls, or blocks, we have the right attachment for your sit down forklift or all terrain forklift.
With DIG-DOG's extensive line of attachments, you can customize your lift machine to suit your unique operational requirements, enhancing productivity and safety in your workplace. Contact us today to learn more about our attachments and how they can transform your forklift into a powerful and versatile machine.
Sit-Down Forklift | All Terrain Forklift | Lift Machine
Sit-Down Forklift | All Terrain Forklift | Lift Machine

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