DIG-DOG DWL15 Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton (Euro III)

Item No.: DWL15
  • SPECS:
    Bucket Capacity:0.6 m³
    Power: 36.8 kw
    Rated load:1.5 ton
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Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For SaleDWL15 Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton for sale! Powerful Front Loader, compact yet efficient. Ideal for small spaces. 

DWL15 Overview

The DIG-DOG's 1.5 ton mini wheel loader adopts European design, with strong power and high cost performance.This compact front end loader is 5.37 meters long, 1.81 meters wide, 2.68 meters high, unloading height 2.65 meters, bucket wide 1.81 meters, overall machine weight 3.84 tons, maximum lifting weight 1.5 tons.The engine adopts Euro III, in-line layout, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine, rated power 36.8 kw, fuel consumption ratio under standard working conditions: 230 g/kWh, low fuel consumption, good power, good reliability, compact structure, low vibration, light weight, built-in air filter silencer, low noise.

DWL15 Features & Benefits

1. The top of the cab is equipped with a dual-speaker radio, lights, rear-view mirror, fan and reversing image on the right side of the cab;
2. The adjustable suspension seat is made of fabric and has better breath ability;
3. The compact wheel loader equipped with seat belts, fire extinguishers, safety hammers, and all-glass doors, it has stronger escape capabilities and meets customers' safety needs;
4. The large skylight is integrated with the front windshield to reduce blind spots in the field of vision, and tempered glass is used to prevent glass scratches;
5. Customized high-strength frame structure, the top of the cab is equipped with construction lighting, and the thickened bending guard net has a stronger ability to prevent falling objects.

DWL15 Details Images

Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For Sale
20.5-16 Herringbone tires
Ggood grip, anti-skid;
Good desilting capabilities.
Euro III Engine
Upright 4-cylinder, bore 98, piston stroke 105,
displacement 3.168, power 36.8 kw/2400 rpm;
Strong power, low fuel consumption;
Economical and practical.
Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For Sale
Luxurious Cab
Ergonomic design, safe and comfortable
360-degree full view driving;

Adjustable seat;
Panoramic sunroof equipped with protective net.
Air filter silencer
Noise reduction; Environmental friendly; Help the engine run stably.
Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For Sale

Company Profile

Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For Sale


DIG-DOG is a branch of BONOVO Group. We have an independent brand and are dedicated to excavation projects in the construction machinery market. 
DIG-DOG can provide excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, forklifts for the construction machinery industry, so that you can buy not only a single machine, but also full range of multi-functional and customized attachments to deal with different work requirements.
DIG-DOG machinery products exported more than 80 countries, and DIG-DOG has our own brand agents in North America, South America, Europe and many other regions,and we welcome more friends to become our brand agents. We can provide customers with more convenient and comprehensive after-sales service. Choose DIG-DOG to make your excavation work more easier and more convenient, and choose DIG-DOG to fully realize the possibility of configuring more accessories for the machine.
Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | DIG-DOG Front Loader For Sale
Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For Sale
Parameters Unit DWL15
Rated bucket capacity m3 0.6
Hopper width mm 1810
Rated load kg 1500
Total weight kg 3840
Engine type / Euro Ⅲ
Power of engine kw 36.8
Dumping height mm 2650
Dumping reach mm 1000
Minimum ground clearance mm 260
Minimum turning mm 5100
Unloading angle ° 35
Tyre / 31-15.5-16
Axle / Isuzu Axle
Distance between axles mm 1905
Distance between wheels mm 1150
Transmission assembly / 265 Integral single high gearbox
Dimension mm 5370*1810*2680
Maximum fuel consumption g/kw.h 252

DWL15 Optional Litems

Air conditioning/heater;
Antifreeze/coolant, extended life;
Cab: Open, Enclosed;
Hydraulic quick change, skid steer loader compatible;
Engine air precleaner;
Radio Ready or AM/FM radio;
Tires:size, solid tire, semi-solid tire, spare tire;
Working lights, front and rear;
Rear camera;

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The DWL15 compact wheel loader has a wide operating range and can be configured with a quick change device: four-in-one bucket, fork, sweeper, snowplow, rotary pit machine, lawn mower, clamping machine, pitchfork and other attachments to meet the needs of different customers; applicable Suitable for small working sites such as construction sites, port terminals, station freight yards, grain mills, paper mills, municipal construction greening, etc.
Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For SaleMini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For Sale
1. Are You Original Manufacture?
Yes, DIG-DOG is a Manufacture In Construction Machinery In China And We Have The Wholeseries
Products You Need.
2.Which Incoterms Terms Can We Work?
Normally We Work On FOB, CFR, CIF.
3.Which Payment Terms Do You Accept?
Normally We Can Work On T/T Term Or L/C Term.
4.What About The Warranty Time?
12 Months After Shipment Or 2000 Working Hours.
5.What About The Delivery Time?
7-30 Days After Receiving The Deposit.
6.What About The Minimum Order Quantity?
The MOQ Is 1 Pcs.
7.What To Consider When Buying A Compact Wheel Loader?
-Consider its size.
-Choose the right bucket for the front end loader.
-Other attachments.
-Understand arm configurations.
-Consider comfort.
Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For Sale

Mini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For SaleMini Wheel Loader 1.5 Ton | Front Loader For Sale

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