DIG-DOG DG12 Mini Excavator 1.2 Ton

Item No.: DG 12
    Power: 7kw/12hp
    Operate Weight: 1.2 ton
    Max digging depth: 1735mm
    Custom Attachments
    Upgradeable Configuration
    OEM Service
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DG12 Overview

The DG12 multi-funcationl mini track hoe adopts dual-pump load-sensing hydraulic system, Eaton travel motor, double-slewing motor, double-row group slewing support, optional plunger pump, cab, high and low speed, boom side swing, chassis telescopic.
Engine: EPA / EURO V
Power: 8.3kw/12hp
Operate Weight: 1.2 ton
Max digging depth: 1735mm
Chassis width: 1100mm
Machine size: 2400*1100*2230mm
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DG12 Features & Benefits

1. Hydraulic system 

Industry-leading hydraulic system: precise flow control according to load changes, excellent micro-operation performance, just like human hands. Full hydraulic control: all actions are controlled by the pilot hydraulic pressure, no idle travel, good micro control, safe and precise, more stable action, lower fuel consumption. 

2. Boom lever 

Boom, arm, bucket, and push shovel are all made of manganese steel plates welded by robots at one time, with stronger bearing capacity. A cut-off valve is added to the auxiliary pipeline, and the replacement of accessories does not leak oil. The extended rocker is standard, and the working range is larger. 

3. Slewing ring 

The enlarged and reinforced slewing ring is durable and more reliable. Chassis We use a tank-type off-road chassis, thickened steel plate, widened size, more stable, durable.

4. Strengthen the framework 

Reinforced working devices and frames, based on the ANSYS platform, optimize the structure, reduce stress concentration, and extend the average life by 30%.Cab TOPS/ROPS analysis, safe and reliable. 

5. Comfortable space 

The seat cushion is large, the backrest is raised, and the ride comfort is better, which can meet the driving needs of drivers of different sizes. The manual operating lever is beautiful and elegant, the foot space is spacious and comfortable, and the operation is convenient. Add 12V power supply to facilitate your life. 

6. Maintain

Daily maintenance positions are concentrated at the rear of the machine. After opening the machine cover, you can access the air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, oil gauge, hydraulic oil return filter element, oil filling port, easy maintenance and good accessibility.Removable dust filter for easier cleaning.


Standard configuration: broken pipeline, can be equipped with a variety of crushing hammer, soil, wood, spiral drill and other different accessories, A tractor serves several purposes.Iron track and rubber track can be interchangeable at any time, adapt to various construction conditions, can bias the rotating arm, can deflection work easily undermine the foundation.
Optional configuration: this track hoe can be equipped  with quick change (mechanical | hydraulic) / grip / screw (200 mm | 300 mm) / crushing hammer / booster / Rake / fork / thumb (mechanical | hydraulic) / narrow bucket (260 mm | 300 mm) / clean bucket (800 mm | 1000 mm) / tipping bucket  (800 mm | 1000 mm).
Track Hoe Factory | Compact Excavator For Sale
Track Hoe Factory | Compact Excavator For Sale

Packaging & Shipping

DID-DOG Track Hoe Factory
DIG-DOG Track Hoe Factory

DIG-DOG DG12 Mini Track hoe Excavator

performance parameter specification Size range specification
Machine weight 1000kg wheelbase 1060mm
Standard Bucket Capacity 0.03m³ Bucket width 375m³
Work device form backhoe Total track length 1050mm
Rated power 8.3kw/12hp Minimum ground clearance 118mm
Maximum Excavator Height 2545mm chassis width 1100mm
Maximum digging depth 1735mm transport width 180mm
Maximum digging radius 3084mm transport length 2200mm
unloading height 1708mm overall vehicle height 2230mm
Maximum Vertical Arm Digging Depth 1260mm Radius of gyration 1635mm
Dozer blade raised maximum ground clearance 142mm The maximum depth of bulldozer sinking 315mm

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telescopic chassis Eaton travel motor
Track Hoe Factory | Compact Excavator For Sale
Double row bead slewing support double rotary motor
Track Hoe Factory | Small Excavator | Compact Excavator For Sale
Dual Pump Load Sensitive 41 section track 180*73K*41
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Both ends of the front shovel are thickened Add reinforcement board
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Upgraded globe valve Cast steel side swing head
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Knob Throttle Added water cup and phone slot
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1. Are You Original Manufacture? 

Yes, DIG-DOG is a Manufacturer In Construction Machinery In China And We Have The Wholeseries Earth Moving Machines You Need. 

2.Which Incoterms Terms Can We Work?

Normally We Work On FOB, CFR, CIF. 

3.Which Payment Terms Do You Accept? 

Normally We Can Work On T/T Term Or L/C Term.

4.What About The Warranty Time?

12 Months After Shipment Or 2000 Working Hours. 

5.What About The Delivery Time? 

7-30 Days After Receiving The Deposit. 

6.What About The Minimum Order Quantity Of  Mini Track hoe? 

The MOQ Is 1 Pcs. 

7.How Do I Choose The Right Compact Excavator?

-Consider What Size Mini Excavator Will Get The Job Done Efficiently.

-Think About Your Job Surface. 

-Assess The load. 

-Look At The Controls. 

-Assess Other Functional Features. 

-Think About Attachments For Your Mini Track hoe.


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