DIG-DOG DG10 Mini Excavator 1 Ton

Item No.: DG10
    Operating Weight: 1ton
    Bucket Capacity: 0.025m³
    Power: 7 kw
    Max.Digging Depth: 1715mm
    Upgradeable Configuration
    Support Customized Attachments
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DIG-DOG DG10 1 Ton Mini Excavator


DG10  Overview

DG10 1 ton chinese mini Excavator with Tailless small wing structure and boom-side-shift option, which can be used for narrow-space operation tailless rotation, retractable chassis, deflective boom, first-class configuration, load sensitive system, changeable rubber track,environmental protection standard.
1 Ton Mini Excavator | Best Mini Excavator | 1 Ton Digger

DG10 Features & Benefits

This 1 ton chinese mini digger with beautiful appearance, high configuration,superior perfomance, low fuel consumption,wide operating range. It is suitable forloosing soil of vegetable greenhouse,campus greening of municipal departments. construction work in the narrow place and so on.
● Zero tail swing design,The operating weight of the whole machine is 1 ton.
● It used the international famous brand KOOP single-cylinder water-cooled engine, which meets the Euro V standard, with large torque, strong power, efficient fuel saving(U.S. customers can choose to pay to upgrade to Pericom gasline engine that meet EPA4 emission standard)
● Chinese fomus brands of Hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve which equipped with hydraulic oil radiator.
● International famous brand of walking motor and rotary motor.
● Hydraulic tensioning chassis, standard rubber track, mechanical tie rod operation.
● 2-pillar open canpoy design, cast iron counterweight.
● Equipped with standard bucket width 380MM, bucket capacity 0.023m³.
● Retractable undercarriage, robot welding, and welding seam forming completely eliminate the influence of human factors, the arc is stable, the penetration depth is controllable, and the forming is beautiful.
● The small digger are widely used in indoor demolition, orchard planting, municipal engineering, greenhouses, wasteland reclamation, nursery ditching and fertilization, pipelines, basement renovation, under ground operations, etc.
● The crushing pipeline is standard, and various attachments such as hammers, rippers, grabbers, augers, etc. can be added, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes.
● The iron track and rubber track can be interchanged at any time, adapting to various construction conditions, and the deflection swivel arm can be upgraded, which can be deflected to dig walls easily.


DIG-DOG DG10 1 ton Chinese Mini Excavator with Multiple Attachments
Standard configuration: broken pipeline, can be equipped with a variety of crushing hammer, soil, wood, spiral drill and other different accessories, A tractor serves several purposes.Iron track and rubber track can be interchangeable at any time, adapt to various construction conditions, can bias the rotating arm, can deflection work easily undermine the foundation.
Optional configuration:quick change (mechanical | hydraulic) / grip / screw (200 mm | 300 mm) / crushing hammer / booster / Rake / fork / thumb (mechanical | hydraulic) / narrow bucket (260 mm | 300 mm) / clean bucket (800 mm | 1000 mm) / tipping bucket (800 mm | 1000 mm)
1 Ton Mini Excavator | Best Mini Excavator | 1 Ton Digger
1 Ton Mini Excavator | Best Mini Excavator | 1 Ton Digger

Packaging & Shipping

1 Ton Mini Excavator | Best Mini Excavator | 1 Ton Digger
1 Ton Mini Excavator | Best Mini Excavator | 1 Ton DiggerOur factory offer the best 1 ton mini excavator/1 ton digger, combining durability with efficiency. Contact us now for a quote!
Main Parameters of DIG-DOG DG10 Mini Digger 1 Ton
Type of tracks Rubber track
Operating weight 1000kg
Bucket Capacity 0.025m3/380mm width
System Pressure  16Mpa
Max. grade ability 35°
Max.Bucket Digging Force 7.2KN
Max.Arm Digging Force 4.6KN
Operation type Joystick poilt control
Engine Model KOOP KD192F
Displacement 1.532L
Type Single -cylinder wind -cold engine
Max. Power 7kW/3000r/min
Overall Dimensions Overall Length 2840mm
Overall Width 880mm
Overall height 2220mm
Chassis width 840mm
Min. ground clearance 132mm
Cabin height 2220mm
Axle base 900mm
Dimensio ns. Width. 720mm
Driver height. 2030mm
Seat height. 1300mm
Length. 2600mm
working range Max.Digging Height 2600mm
Max.Dumping Height 1830mm
Max.Digging Depth 1715mm
Max.Vertical Digging Depth 1590mm
Max.Digging Radius 3065mm
Min.Swing Radius 1480mm

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Details Images
1 Ton Mini Trackhoe For Sale | DIG-DOG Small Digger Price
The working speed is improved and fuel consumption is reduced. The boom with side swing can also support the replacement of various accessories
Stable engine quality, high performance engine, ultra-low fuel consumption, strong power.Based on the near perfect matching technology between engine and hydraulic system, the power output is increased
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The driving motor is powerful, reliable and stable. Working platform can be 360 ° Rotating, with strong rubber track
The height adjustable bulldozer can bring more convenience and help for your work
1 Ton Mini Trackhoe For Sale | DIG-DOG Small Digger Price
Let you control more convenient, more stable. Bring you a good driving experience and work experience
Hydraulically retractable undercarriage,more convenient through a variety of narrow road environment

1. Are You Original Manufacture?

Yes, DIG-DOG is a Manufacture In Construction Machinery In China And We Have The Wholeseries Products You Need.
2.Which Incoterms Terms Can We Work?
Normally We Work On FOB, CFR, CIF.
3.Which Payment Terms Do You Accept?
Normally We Can Work On T/T Term Or L/C Term.
4.What About The Warranty Time?
12 Months After Shipment Or 2000 Working Hours.
5.What About The Delivery Time?
7-30 Days After Receiving The Deposit.
6.What About The Minimum Order Quantity?
The MOQ is 1 Pcs.
7.How Do I Choose The Right Mini Excavator?
*Consider What Size Mini Excavator Will Get The Job Done Efficiently.
*Think About Your Job Surface.
*Assess The load.
*Look At The Controls.
*Assess Other Functional Features.
*Think About Your Excavator Attachments.

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